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House in Athens -- Very unique Carriage House... 597 A Dearing St., Athens, GA
2BR 1.0BA
Apartment in Athens -- Historic Farmer's... 580 E. Broad Street Unit #113, Athens, GA
4BR 2.0BA
Duplex in Athens -- Eastside near Whit Davis... 1182 Whit Davis Road, Athens, GA
3BR 2.0BA
Condominium in Athens -- Stones Creek Condo 460 Barnett Shoals C-3, Athens, GA
2BR 2.5BA
3 2.0 $1,300 Jack Available
4 4.0 $395 Thomas Shatto Available
House in Athens -- 4BR/4BA Individual lease $375/P 1220-1370 Barnett Shoals Rd, Athens, GA
4 4.0 $1,500 Clearwater Creek Available
House in Athens -- Home Available Fall $375/Each I 1220-1370 Barnett Shoals Rd, Athens, GA
4 4.0 $375 Clearwater Creek Available
House in Athens -- Lease 4BR/4BA HOUSE FALL 2017 1350-1370 Barnett Shoals Rd, Athens, GA
4 4.0 $375 Clearwater Creek Available
House in Athens -- Cottage Style 4BR/4BA House 1230 Barnett Shoals Rd, Athens, GA
4 4.0 $1,500 Clearwater Creek Available
House in Athens -- 4BR/4BA House!! Available Fall 1220 & 1300 Barnett Shoals Rd, Athens, GA
4 4.0 $375 Clearwater Creek Available
House in Athens -- House, close to UGA, tons of sp 253 Magnolia Street, Athens, GA
1 1.0 $575 Lease Athens LLC Available
Apartment in Athens -- Publix, Chick-Fil-A, Jitter 1688 Barnett Shoals Rd, Athens, GA
2 2.0 $750 Lease Athens LLC Available
4 2.0 $1,400 Lease Athens LLC Available
2 1.0 $1,000 Lease Athens LLC Available
4 3.0 $1,200 Lease Athens LLC Available
4 2.0 $1,600 Classic City Available
2 1.0 $800 Classic City Available
3 2.0 $1,275 Classic City Available
House in Athens -- Great Forest Heights location! 280 Sherwood Drive, Athens, GA
3 2.0 $1,200 Classic City Available
3 1.0 $1,000 Classic City Available
Duplex in Athens -- Spacious 10BR/12Bath Duplex of 1750 Milledge Ave Ext, Athens, GA
10 9.9 $5,000 GW Properties Available
Apartment in Athens -- Summit of Athens, GA; 3BR, 1035 Barnett Shoals Rd #914, Athens, GA
3 3.0 $1,080 Jim Kolassa Available
Townhouse in Athens -- 2 bed/1.5 bath on UGA bus r 760 East Campus Road #94, Athens, GA
2 1.5 $1,230 CollegeTown Available
2 1.5 $1,230 CollegeTown Available
2240920510160Very unique Carriage House on Dearing St.Short term lease available from March 1, 2017 until July 30, 2017. Pine floors, all appliances, near corner of Milledge and Dearing Streets. Washer and dryer included. All electric. Very convenient. Very clean. A great space and so close to downtown and UGA. Text or call for viewing and to pre lease today. Click into the listing for contact information, pictures and details.Our website has a visual tour. So convenient to get to UGA or downtownAlso the 2 car garage has been converted to more entertaining space.072500597 A Dearing St.AthensGA3060512010-05-18 00:00:002017-02-03 20:24:31house21.0850725002017-03-07available000133.9529000000000000-83.3905000000000000street145998subscription2018-02-07 15:39:390/ga/athens/145998-very-unique-carriage-house-on-dearing-st/images/47/23/4723618_640x480.jpg/images/47/23/4723620_640x480.jpg/images/47/23/4723621_640x480.jpg/images/47/23/4723622_640x480.jpg/images/47/23/4723623_640x480.jpg/images/47/23/4723624_640x480.jpg/images/47/23/4723625_640x480.jpg/images/47/23/4723626_640x480.jpg/images/47/23/4723627_640x480.jpg/images/47/23/4723628_640x480.jpg/images/47/23/4723618_640x480.jpglands672580520672020Historic Farmer's Exchange! Downtown Living!Be a part of history and enjoy downtown living in the Farmer's Exchange Lofts!Farmer's Exchange is a loft-style historic property. It's a unique opportunity to live in a historic building with great views and easy access to downtown Athens. The building is a memorable landmark in downtown, serving as a gateway from downtown to East Athens. Farmer's Exchange is within walking distance to the UGA campus, The Classic Center, Sanford Stadium, downtown shops, restaurants, and clubs.This specific 4bd apartment features granite counter tops, stainless appliances, white tile back splash, open floor plan between living and dining room, natural lighting, hardwood flooring, lofted bed frames, ceiling fan, exposed ventilation and accent brick walls.For additional property information and call to schedule a tour appointment, TODAY!Rent Athens#706-389-170025.00170000580 E. Broad Street Unit #113AthensGA3060112016-08-19 11:14:462016-08-19 11:17:42apartment42.001700002016-09-01available00010.00000000000000000.00000000000000005729132subscription2017-03-17 14:53:150/ga/athens/5729132-historic-farmers-exchange-downtown-living/images/25/17/25174433_640x480.jpg/images/25/17/25174442_640x480.jpg/images/25/17/25174443_640x480.jpg/images/25/17/25174444_640x480.jpg/images/25/17/25174445_640x480.jpg/images/25/17/25174446_640x480.jpg/images/25/17/25174447_640x480.jpg/images/25/17/25174448_640x480.jpg/images/25/17/25174449_640x480.jpg/images/25/17/25174450_640x480.jpg/images/25/17/25174451_640x480.jpg/images/25/17/25174433_640x480.jpgport75665220510160Eastside near Whit Davis Elem. SchoolNice living space with fireplace in family room. Laminate flooring, open kitchen, all appliances including washer and dryer. Smooth top cooking range. Fenced yard. Busline. Call or text for preview. Click into the listing for contact information, pictures and details. Visual tour on website. Available August 20170875001182 Whit Davis RoadAthensGA3060512012-05-16 14:45:182017-02-03 14:28:16duplex32.01025875002017-08-01available000133.9086950000000000-83.3148110000000000street643898subscription2018-02-07 15:39:390/ga/athens/643898-eastside-near-whit-davis-elem-school/images/51/17/5117948_640x480.jpg/images/13/04/13046293_640x480.jpg/images/13/04/13046352_640x480.jpg/images/13/04/13046382_640x480.jpg/images/13/04/13046424_640x480.jpg/images/13/04/13046465_640x480.jpg/images/13/04/13046481_640x480.jpg/images/13/04/13046488_640x480.jpg/images/13/04/13046510_640x480.jpg/images/13/04/13046526_640x480.jpg/images/51/17/5117948_640x480.jpglands701709420705990Stones Creek CondoQuiet 2 Bedroom Condo within minutes of UGA. Spacious living area on bottom floor. Bedrooms with individual bathrooms upstairs. All Brick construction is energy efficient. Complex is beautifully landscaped. Trash dumpsters on site. Pet friendly area. Click into the listing for contact information, pictures and details.050000460 Barnett Shoals C-3AthensGA3060512017-02-20 20:21:152017-02-20 22:48:45condominium22.51200900002017-07-01available000133.9405830000000000-83.3517050000000000street660487subscription2018-02-20 20:18:480/ga/athens/660487-stones-creek-condo/images/52/80/5280787_640x480.jpg/images/52/80/5280785_640x480.jpg/images/52/80/5280784_640x480.jpg/images/52/80/5280786_640x480.jpg/images/52/80/5280783_640x480.jpg/images/52/80/5280787_640x480.jpglands

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